Our Beliefs about Learning



Our vision is supported by three baskets of knowledge-based around the theme of connecting:

·     Connect to Self                    Hononga ki ahau

·     Connect to Others                Hononga ki nga tangata

·     Connect to Learning            Hononga ki nga mahi

Both Connect to Self and Connect to Others are based on Daniel Goldman’s Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand, interpret one’s own emotions as well as others’ and respond appropriately to them.

Aokautere School believes and research has shown that students with higher levels of emotional intelligence are able to better manage themselves and relate to others around them.  This can help them develop improved self-motivation and more effective communication skills – essential skills in helping students become more confident learners.

On the other hand, students who lack emotional intelligence can become less connected to school, negatively affecting performance in the classroom and beyond.

Improving emotional intelligence in children can help children:

  • Improve self-awareness

  • Manage stress

  • Boost self-motivation

  • Build empathy

  • Make good decisions

  • Communicate effectively

  • Develop relationships

 Students who are strong in the above emotions are more likely to experience and enjoy success in their learning. That is, make better connections to their learning.

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